When I was in high school, I was in a band, well not a band but I rapped and made songs with friends. But I’ll be honest – our songs were just okay. And they certainly weren’t  great songs. Not like the ones these eight high schoolers from Chicago have cooked up. In this day and age, when so much of the music we listen to is made by people 29-and-holding, isn’t it refreshing to see some real live rock come out of the mouths and guitars of some real live, well, kids?!?!

 ”Traphouse Rock”, the debut full-length from Kids These Days, was released October 30. Produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and mixed by Mario C. (Beastie Boys, Beck), “Traphouse Rock” is a collage that draws on the band’s musical influences both past and present.

Check out the single and video from the album

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