A self-taught producer, DJ, and engineer, Tom Delay picked up the MPC in 2005 and began developing what continues to be recognized as his signature sound.  By 2007, he had teamed up with renown Grind Time rapper A-Class and supplied production, mixing, and cuts for the artist’s solo release, “Motive Response” . In 2009, Tom Delay completed work on his brainchild “Cases”, a hip-hop whodunit complete with beats, mixing, vocals, cuts, and executive production from the panoptic producer. By 2010, Delay had linked up with Baltimore street hop legends Dirt Platoon to provide superlative production on “Deeper Than Dirt”, which has been consistently lauded by the Baltimore media. In 2011, the Baltimore City Paper crowned Delay the “Best Beatmaker of the Year” for his work on a number of successful Brake Fast releases.

Tom Delay’s production is masterfully crafted in a way that highlights the talents of the emcees he works with. Functioning not as just a “beatmaker”, Delay has accumulated executive production credits on every Brake Fast Records release. His addictive loops are augmented by superior drum sequencing, crisp mixing, and selective use of synthesizers. His style is ever-evolving, as he continues to build on the same hip-hop formulas devised by his inspirations and predecessors.

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